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Domestic container transportation

Do you want to send goods from mainland China or Hong Kong overseas?

Do relatives and friends want to send items to you overseas?

ABC helps you transport around the world


Collection process
Mail domestic shopping to ABC warehouse

Packing for Freight and payment

Goods Collection

Successful receipt

Hai Tao transport

Want to buy quality goods from abroad?

You want to send articles to your relatives and friends in China.

ABC will help you to return the mail and transshipment without worries!


Transfer process

Overseas shopping

To ABC Overseas Warehouse

Order Packing and Freight Payment

Goods in transit

Successful receipt

Value added service

Personalized Customized Delivery

Supporting multi-shopping platform purchasing

One-to-one exclusive service

Our services

Global Express Transportation

Delivery of Domestic Products

High-quality Haitao Delivery

Packing and Reinforcement Services

Free Storage for 180 Days

Domestic shopping navigation

Common problem
1 For the first time, I use the container transport. How do I need to operate it?
2 How long can the goods be stored in the warehouse?
3 How do I know that the goods have arrived in your warehouse?
4 Will the freight be calculated on the basis of actual weight or volume weight?
5 What time does it take a day?
6 How many days after payment can we receive the goods?